The history of our balsamic vinegar has roots and origins far back in time.

Acetaia Estense is located in the centre of Montale Rangone, which has always been a popular destination for an outing “outside the gates” of Modena, in the building where the old “Gallo d’Oro” Inn once stood, already in existence in 1908 and run by the Manzini family, who skilfully brought down from the silent attic of the inn a very special vinegar, a fragrant and dense “Balsamic”, for the pleasure of the family and the delight of the customers of the Gallo d’Oro inn, flavouring the dishes served at the tables with this precious balsamic vinegar.

Today that “balsamic” vinegar still survives in a series of small casks in the secret and jealous corner of our Acetaia Estense, an authentic testimonial of a family tradition that over the years has evolved, both productively and commercially, into a company that does not look at turnover figures, but rather at the precise and reciprocal quest for quality in the two production lines: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.G.I. and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O..

In the work of Acetaia Estense, the policy is pursued, or rather the goal, to obtain in both production lines a correct qualitative compensation (truly “balsamic”) that allows a precise and correct palatal sensation, well balanced between sour and sweet, without sensory forcing, in the continuous search for the balance that makes each authentic Modenese “balsamic” a true taste heritage, pleasant in all its nuances, indispensable to give each taste, each dish its full vocation to the combination with the most varied ingredients of a wise and careful cuisine.



Family production begins in the Manzini family’s attic.

The Gallo d’Oro Inn
history-of-montale-rangone-and-birth-of the estense-vinegar factory

The Manzini family began managing the Locanda Gallo d’Oro, where part of the Acetaia’s premises are now located.

The sale of the Locanda

The Manzini family ends the activity of the renowned Locanda Gallo d’Oro and, following the transfer, the Balsamic Vinegar remains for the exclusive use of the family to give to relatives and friends.

The Vinegar Works

The idea was born to renovate the historic premises in order to transfer the historic casks and start an activity to expand the production and marketing of Balsamic Vinegar.

The expansion

Inauguration of the historic premises in order to continue expanding the production and marketing of the product. In subsequent years, a public sales outlet was also opened.